Drones, Taking advertising to new Heights!

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: UAS
UAS, commonly known as a drone, gets its name from the male honey bee.
Drones are aircrafts that fly without having a pilot aboard, rather the Pilot is Earthbound, and controls the craft using his/her smart phone. Yes, a thing of the future and from sci-fi movies is now real! These flying gadgets are useful and fun at the same time; youngsters from around the world are using drones to shoot documentaries, music videos, home videos, and some are just using them as an upgrade to RC copters!

Remember the times when helicopters had to be used for capturing aerial shots of land properties?
It was one of the most uneconomical practices and since there were no alternatives, realtors had no other means of capturing aerial footage. Technology later devised an alternative - digitally making 3D walkthroughs which looked very unrealistic and unappealing. Drones serve as the one and only economical/sought out solution, eliminating some of the major issues such as,
*Hiring a helicopter.
*Manually shooting videos from above while in motion
*Approval of government permissions.

Here are some Fun-Facts about Drones
*The first "armed" drones were built to execute Osama Bin Laden
*Drones have helped farmers keep track of their crop and also scatter seeds.
* Radio and TV engineering departments have used drones to change burned out bulbs on radio and TV towers. It has proven to be a much more convenient option than climbing the towers and replacing the bulbs manually.
* Francesco’s Pizzeria delivered a pizza using a four-rotor drone to a customer whose flat was located 1.5km away from its office in Central Mumbai on the 11th of May. Unfortunately, when a video of the experiment went viral, the Mumbai police filed a complaint on the "illegal" delivery, according to a 24 May report in The Hindu."
*In January 2015, stork-drones dropped diapers filled with Dove baby products to mothers and to-be-mothers around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Italy, pink cupid drones awkwardly dropped roses between strangers on Valentine’s Day.
*During the Uttarakhand floods, the National Disaster Management Authority had used four unmanned aerial vehicles designed by four former Indian Institute of Technology students. These drones were used to scan areas that were impossible for rescue workers to reach. It was the first time that the drones had been used in the country outside test situations.
* Wedding photographers are using drones fitted with High Definition cameras, to capture precious moments from every angle!